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Wknd Jmz: Kool Skull – Pure Trash

Kool Skull - Pure Trash

That West Coast freakout Kool Skull released your new favorite tune almost a year ago, and you had no idea.

Rewind back to the frozen polar vortex hell of December last year. Mr Juan Larrazabal releases his newest how-to in LGPT programming “Pure Trash” to very little fanfare. To many it’s just another release from an already prolific artist, but to most the overall readiness for his Patric Catani meets Ed Banger style will forever be a niche interest. Kool Skull is that weird dude who makes awesome thrash art and comfortably resides on the fringe of an already fringe sound.

Sure Pure Trash has questionable volume leveling & sound design choices throughout, but forget about that for now and chalk it up to the overall Kool Skull experience. While you were busy being a pedantic audio snob you missed the title cut hidden deep near the end of Pure Trash which is worth the price of admission alone.

Don’t let the minimally-thin 4/4 techno rhythm fool you. Pure Trash quickly morphs into a sinister metal-pipe-in-the-fan slammer located somewhere between that questionable club down the street with weird hours and that radiator in your hallway which hasn’t been vacuumed since the 80’s. Is this making any sense to you? Good. It shouldn’t.

In short, Pure Trash is worthy of your new WKND JMZ, but you knew that already.

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