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Wknd Jmz: Knife City – Poison Flower

Knife City - Precious Jewel EP

Check out this absolute slammer from Anamanaguchi drummer, Luke Silas.

This is one of those entries that should have been posted weeks ago (no apologies). If you were keeping up with the Shadowtravel tour and it’s related performers this previous Summer, chances are you’ve already collided head-on with the latest output from Knife City.

While the initial EDM stylings or Chipmusic buzz word may have turned some off, the third cut Poison Flower deserves to be at the top of a few of your Summer Fall playlists. While the whole E.P. is on par with his previous self-titled release, it’s that teenagers-in-love chord progression, sick LSDJ sound design and Pac-Man-choking-down-his-last-rootbeer breakdown that prop this tune above the entire Knife City catalog.

In short, Poison Flower is worthy of your new WKND JMZ, but you knew that already.

Label: 8bitpeoples
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