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Twisted Electrons – Therapsid 8bit Synth

Therapsid - Teaser Image

8bit synthesizers will always be cool, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

Within a year of debuting their impressive AY-3-8912 based AY3 hardware synthesizer, Twisted Electrons unveiled their newest offering without much warning – the aggressive Therapsid tabletop synth. While using the Commodore 64‘s SID chip as a dedicated synthesizer isn’t anything new (read: Elektron’s Sidstation or ALM Busy Circuits’ SID GUTS or Wilba’s SammichSID or Mode Machine’s SID), Therapsid earns major points by making real-time editing knobs available right out of the box without the need of extra MIDI controllers or software.

Sure you can build a full-on MB-6582 with eight (!) SID chips & DIY control panel or source a second-hand SID synth on eBay after a lengthy wait for the right price, but it’s hard to ignore the immediacy of a new SID-based synth with stylish wood end panels and a small battery of edit knobs. It’s definitely pricey at a cool $540 USD for the cheapest option (you supply your own SID chip), but it seems like a solid purchase if you’re saving $$$ and ready to jump wallet-first into the SID synth market.

If you live paycheck to paycheck and find the cost of Therapsid offensive, the upcoming Kerberos C64 MIDI interface might be a solid alternative. It’s not a standalone synth, but it gives your $30 Commodore 64 some much-needed MIDI capability…

…and it’s a few hundred dollars cheaper.

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