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Recently, a biased (and ultimately unfair) review of Wednesday’s Stagediver show at the Borg Ward surfaced. While trite opinions from jaded blog-hipsters typically go ignored, this one must be addressed NOW.

*It wasn’t a glowing review.*

Is this the reason for my attention? Of course not. We have something of a contradiction when one questions the integrity of the local music underground while falling victim to the ignorant trappings of mid-size city scene politics. Clearly, his words mean very little. Rambling dissection of the headliner’s aesthetic, coupled with Google-searched knowledge of the non-friend musical acts effectively negates any attempt at a reasonable review.

Was it the sampled dialogue of the stripper who could pick up twenties with her pussy lips? Only he would know.

*So what was there to take issue with?*

The sentiment that resonates very loudly within the review (and local art pseudo-movements):

“If I don’t know you, I’m better than you. If I don’t understand, I lie.” Passive-aggressive, shit-talking, friendship-conformity is in, while being honest is not.

*Why is this being addressed?*

Mostly because someone who had the power to fuck up momentum did what they could to see his own brainless ideals come to fruition. The blog in question is supposed to be a *resource* – not a soapbox. Nor a political podium for one man’s dream of a scene, screaming for unearned respect.

The uneducated hand-jobbery of the review shouldn’t shock anyone, as it’s a known fact the guy is in a promising local indie band which resides (and performs exclusively) at the venue in question. Maybe he was afraid that the slam-dancing kind of looked like fun. Maybe he was afraid of all the new faces who came out to see the new act, and as he even mentioned, was one of the largest draws in recent history for the venue. Maybe he was afraid that the sounds he heard that night were the sounds of Milwaukee’s past, rumbling in the distance, rushing closer and closer for a stake in the future.

Who knows?

The point is this – people have opinions. Some people have uninformed, intelligible opinions. Some people even lie. But there’s a measure of accountability here, and we’re ready to bust you the fuck out.


Facebook profile of writer in question:

*removed due to request*

Myspace profile of promising band in question:

This is not meant to bring bad attitudes and bad vibes, as at no point did any of us ever feel unwelcome or unwanted on Wednesday, and the hospitality extended to us was more than generous.


  • Peter J Woods October 12, 2009

    A repost from the other blog…

    Alright, I didn’t want to comment on this, but after the official response, I feel I need to stick up for Jeb here.

    So- Jeb gave a bad review of the Stagediver set. That’ll happen. Certain people like certain types of music. Dude likes noise more. That’ll happen. You disagree with his review. This will also happen, as people have opinions.

    But where are these “scene-blog politics” claims coming from? Yeah, the guy liked the noise stuff more than the one set by the one electro dude he saw, but how in anyway does political agendas and having friends get involved in this? If you noticed, he wrote one sentence reviews of half of the noise acts as well. I’m assuming this was done in an attempt to keep the article on the shorter side.

    I would be with you if this was a common occurrence, if he was pushing something more popular than the noise scene, or if it was someone other than the guy allowed Stagediver to play in the venue he helps to run. But all of these things aren’t true and thats just how it goes. If he liked the band, he would have written something positive. But he didn’t. Deal.

    He does not need to say anything about how the audience enjoyed the set- this is his review. His opinion and his alone. Its also not a review of how the audience reacted. He also doesn’t need to write about the “draw” for the night for the same reason.

    The responses reek of people complaining about their favorite music not being cool or popular or whatever. This is all I hear whenever I read anyone complaining about “scene politics.” If you don’t like it, fix it. Start your own scene and recruit your own people. Don’t just complain about how one guy on a blog didn’t like your band.

    That’s my two cents. Personally I thought a lot of what stagediver was doing was very cool, but I agree that it went way too long. Cut the set down by a third and I would have been there the whole way. 45 minutes of electro stuff is just not what I want to listen to. That being said, dude was EXTREMELY courteous and I was very happy he finally got to play here after a few strange that happened in the past. Welcome back anytime along with any of his contemporaries (someone should set up a Demix/Stagediver show pronto. Could be awesome).

    And yes, I was in one of the bands, and yes, I’m a “hot shot” in the local noise scene. Feel free to use those as excuses to dismiss my opinion as well.

    All hate mail can be directed to All of my shows are done under the FTAM banner, so if you want to boycott my stuff, thats the way to do it.

    Thats all I got,
    Peter Woods

  • Jeb Ebben October 12, 2009

    Hi! I’m the guy who wrote the review in question, and just wanted to respond to a couple things quickly. First, I meant no particular ire. As far as I remember, I have no particular agenda I’m pushing or axes to grind, and neither was I interested in ruffling your feathers or those of your fans and friends. Admittedly, the bit on your set was incredibly dismissive. I agree with that, and I could have written more, but a general sense of word count and a desire to write more about the things that make me excited about music than spit bile (which is not interesting) or think any particular length of time about that which I dislike (which is not fun) means that sometimes people get the brush-over. Stagediver got the brush-over. So did Cannibonal Synapse and so did Anvil Dome. I’m sorry. It happens. But I do not feel that it is my duty to provide a blow-for-blow account. I am not a sports announcer. I am attempting to write about music that I personally feel is worth me writing about. The stuff that fills me with excitement or joy. This is my only agenda.

    I am sorry, then, that I didn’t feel that way about Stagediver. It’s just my opinion, and it’s nothing personal. Everyone that I interacted with at the show was awesome, I was happy that the Borg Ward was able to host, and I really don’t mean to piss any one off.

    That said, I think that the less-than-forty words on Stagediver in my piece did not deserve such a strong reaction. I am confused by your calling me “a jaded blog hipster,” but I’ll let it slide. It’s a good enough go-to insult, and you felt wronged by me, so I’ll let you have it. I am not as understanding of baseless attacks on my character–from the minor (I am not familiar with the music I am writing about) to the pretty hardcore (“passive-aggressive, shit-talking, friendship-conform[ist]”). I’m not sure how forty fairly benign words warrant 12 paragraphs accusing me of being some kind of scene politician and offering as evidence the “known fact” that I am in a band, am part of the Borg Ward Collective, and that my band practices there. Some faulty logic here, because it doesn’t in any way follow from those points that I then have some agenda to push. An agenda which, by the way, you fail to describe in any particular detail–other than, what? Sticking up for my friends and talking shit about everyone else? How does that even make sense? If that’s what I was doing, wouldn’t I have minimized Realicide as well? And certainly I should have written more about Canibonal Synapse, because John is in my circle of friends. The truth is, I just didn’t like your music. I think I am allowed that. Plenty of people dislike my band; I’m pretty sure that’s just how it goes. But your feelings were hurt because I wasn’t into what you were doing, and it was easier to make me a villain (your “jaded blog-hipster” strawman) than think, hey, maybe I just wasn’t in to what you were doing.

    You are welcome to disagree with me. You are welcome to make those disagreements public via your blog. My review was public, you have every right to respond similarly. I don’t have a problem with any of that. I’d like it, however, that when you have a public disagreement with me, you refrain from attacking my character and making such accusations.

    Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove the link to my Facebook profile.

    Thank you.

  • Jeb Ebben October 12, 2009

    Sorry, I meant Disthroned Agony, not Anvil Dome.

  • Jason Sarles October 14, 2009

    My first comment is, Dear Astronaut is total terds. “SUPERELECTRIC DOOM EXXXPLOSION MUZIK FER MONSTERS?” I mean, come on – take some production cues from bands that you dislike, and take a break from the Earth knockoffs. Second comment is, Milwaukee’s noise scene consists primarily of people who have no business tinkering with unfamiliar electronic instruments, much less attempting to create “noise” for the sake of stroking their own cock in front of other Carhardt-clad douchebags who would probably be doing something interesting had they bothered to put any time into their music. Keep up the great work.

    Jason Sarles
    Milwaukee, WI

    PS: Jeb, why the worry about your Facebook? You’re publicly available under the “Jeb Ebben” search on the site, plus your own website (one of several) is Stroke-stroke-stroke.

  • Jason Sarles October 14, 2009

    Apologies, I was confusing Jeb Ebben and his brother Josh. My bad. I’m sure you can find plenty of goods on Jeb by entering his name in Google, as he spreads his name around to an extent disproportionate to his worth. But then again, who cares…


  • Fuck the 414 noise scene October 15, 2009

    ..and there we have it! Thanks Jason!

  • Peter J Woods October 15, 2009

    Hey Jason,

    If you are going to tell me that people like Anal Hearse, Climax Denial, Reptile Worship, Custodian, Lucky Bone, Mildew, Jon Meuller, Jim Schoenecker, Hal Rammel Captivity, and Anvil Dome are merely stroking their own cocks and dont put any time into their music, you’re dead wrong. These dudes are talented and ridiculously good at what they do (not to mention a bunch of them are in other kick ass bands, so if you think of busting out the “this is all they can do” argument, stop right there).

    Are there people in the scene that just dick around? Yeah, definitely. But that happens in every single scene and every single genre.

    Seeing that I don’t know who you are (Do I?), you probably have either been to very few shows or none. Run your mouth when you know what you’re talking about.

    Peter J Woods,
    Milwaukee WI

  • Joshua Ebben October 17, 2009

    @Jason Sarles

    I’m glad you had a 2001 moment and went from being an ordinary internet ape to one who can use tools–albeit simple ones such as the wildly popular and well-known “Google internet search.”

    You sly internet detective, you! Although it takes no space age rocket genius to combine A with B, where A is google, and B is searching for someone’s name–most often in an attempt to dig up dirt, combine it with water and fling mud–the thought of you doing this to me truly makes my heart swoon!

    After all, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had this kind of attention on the internet, especially from a complete stranger that I have absolutely no connection with. I must say, I sense sexual undertones in your mentioning of my name. Oh, la la!

    Please continue to use the Google internet search engine to your full advantage–but I’ll tell you right now, yes, it was me that posted on HP’s website about audio drivers, so you can certainly spare yourself the trouble of investigating at least one occurence. But thank you for taking the time to visit my website, as well as confuse me for someone else with the same last name… it fills my heart with joy!

  • i find it unreal that any act that .0003% of this city has heard of, would actually take the time to bitch and whine and gripe like a big sloppy cunt. whoa der hey, i betcha if we call him a hipster we’ll look so much smarter and cool, hey? fuck off. you blew a negative review so fucking far out of proportion its surreal. maybe it’ll get you those 15 minutes you obviously so desperately crave. i really know nothing about you and really don’t care to. you will probably never leave milwaukee because without your little incestual hipster scene drama playing out in the background you’d have nothing. i just moved back from minneapolis, and the politics at the medusa (mnpls. borg equiv.) are nothing like this. and rightly so, because they have bands like skoal kodiak, gay beast, daughters of the sun, gay witch abortion playing there-together-and playing nice. professionals who know not to give a fuck about what some journalist says, and you dont have shit on any of those bands, so shut the fuck up and dont take a bad review so personally. i mean if jeb thinks you had a shitty set,, i’ll take his word for it. and at your age, mid 20’s, 30 mebbe? you should be able to brush that shit off or tell jeb to fuck off in person or cold cock him in a crowded place. nope. youre a coward. instead you pull some shit a 13 year old would pull to humiliate someone else and post his facebook, myspace, and blogs to talk shit. i do not see you ever leaving this shit city. i just listened to the shit on your myspace page and read the about section. its obvious you like metal machine music. it doesn’t fuckin’ mean youre lou reed. or that youre creative or witty because,

    ” I usually write different material each time I perform and try not to play it again after that.”

    you know, buying a mac-book pro with logic, a roland 404, (more likely an 808) and the p.a. to play the shit aint cheap, nor does it sound theraputic.i had to take another klonopin to deal with it. cant imagine trying to make it. and im all kinds of fucked up in the head, but if you want to make therapeutic music FOR YOURSELF?(ha). first of all quit caring about what other people think. secondly, buy a fucking Didgeridoo,third) go into the desert or somewhere hot, and fourth)smoke some DMT and you’ll astral-project your brain right outta that fucker, leave your body and go for a quick visit up to to space and hear the real noise music that is the sacred geometry. and fuck your struggles. you ever been on welfare? ever withdrawl from klonopin at age15 cuz your folks couldn’t afford another script? where’d you go to high-school? marquette?college? marquette? short of being molested, youve never had a single problem in your entire life. and if all your problems are simply focused on feeling sorry for yourself, and you have the money, you should start shooting heroin as much as possible. the word anxiety will leave your vocabulary forever. and if youre too much of a pussy. go to a doctor and get xanax or klonopin. you are a pussy. grow up. and your music is shit. and by the way,
    my name is jake barge, and if you pull any facebook/myspace/blogspot shit with me, you might not be able to type for awhile. you wanna say something , im right here.

  • Jesus christ man! October 17, 2009

    Are you using a random-response generator or some shit?

  • Paul DeMarini October 17, 2009

    Hey genius, if you read the original thread you’d see that there’s no hard feelings in the comments. You also should have known that the likes of Lou Reed are seen as twats around these parts. Machine metal rules here. Your indie-rock is obsolete.

    Internet tough guys make me laugh.

  • Radiograffiti October 20, 2009

    Let’s not feed the trolls ok? It looks like he’s playing sides but erased his post over at fan-belt.

    Moving on.

  • Brett December 22, 2009

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