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Midwest Chiptune Throwdown!

Midwest Chiptune Throwdown - Borg Ward / Milwaukee - 8-20-11

Loud Chipmusic event exploiting Amigas, circuit bent technology and various other things to make your head hurt. $5

This is a little later than we would have hoped, but chances are you are signed up to the mailing list and received the email long ago. Here’s your reminder:

Stagediver vs Awkward Terrible vs Environmental Sound Collapse vs Pandastar vs Theta_Frost

Midwest Chiptune Throwdown
Borg Ward Collective
823 W National Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

Fakebook link –
Please note – this show *will* be streamed LIVE here at


  • XyNo August 17, 2011

    Sucks that it’s a little bit far…Stagediver and ESC at the same time…FUCK YEAH !!!

  • Twatface August 21, 2011

    That was a fun Show

  • Clayton August 25, 2011

    Is there a recording of the stream? Can’t believe I missed it.

  • Radiograffiti August 29, 2011

    Sadly, there was no recording. To be honest there wasn’t even a stream. :/

    Don’t fret! We’ll start archiving all shows from this moment on. Rumor is that there will be a round two in the near future.


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