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Thank You! Melt #3 @ Mad Planet, Milwaukee

MELT - Show Flier - Three Dates

Live acid, live speedcore…what more can you possibly ask for?

Just a quick thanks to everyone who came out for installment #3 of Demix’s MELT series at Mad Planet. It wasn’t bad to see TR-909s, Amiga 1200s and SH-101s getting flexed on a random Tuesday night. We’ll see you at #4.

Tuesday, January 25th at 9pm

ALL TINY CREATURES (special all electronic set!!!!!) –
Stacked melodies, distorted organs, stretched chords, reimagined vocals: Collections of Colonies of Bees/ Volcano Choir multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wincek drops his Emotional Joystick handle for the glorious themes of All Tiny Creatures. “All Tiny Creatures’ instrumentals blur the line between what a live band can do and what an electronics-obsessed experimenter can create alone at home.” -Onion AV Club

electronic music influenced by addictions. regret. uncomfortable situations. abrasive thoughts. abrasive sounds. natural melodies. awkward social interactions. using music instead of actually talking to people. classical music. metal. marcos lorn ortega. jazz. overdriven amplifiers. chance. olde english and pall malls.

aka: Jim Schoenecker – a fan of modular synthesis and a connoisseur of sine waves. He has released electronic music for a variety of labels including Crouton, Zod, Antiopic, Stasisfield and Topscore. He has performed in the U.S. and Japan, and is one-half of the duo Dartanjal

Amiga Hardcore. Radiografitti & Distort Records.

+ dj sets from THE DEMIX

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