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Stagediver & CCDM Amiga Battle ’14

Amiga 500 Computer

Save the date: 11/14/14 – Chicago, IL. Cover: $12 // 21+


New Radiograffiti Vinyl – Limited Pre-Order

Radiograffiti - PREORDER

Part four of Stagediver’s D&D-inspired Amigacore tetralogy and cinematic vinyl debut of Milwaukee’s MELT curator/nightmare creator, The Demix – both available 10/31/2014


Stagediver II 7″ Release Party @ MELT #30

MELT #30 - 11/02/2013 - Preflier

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Dispyz – Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock

Dispyz - Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock - Promo Shot

Reissue of the limited 2003 CDr of the same name. Also included: salvaged pieces of the lost 2004 follow-up, ‘Paranoid Turbo Robot Punk’. Enjoy.

Dispyz – Raverblood E.P.

Dispyz - Raverblood - Cover Image

The material on this record was written between the years of 1995 & 2004 on some random, modified pieces of ancient computer hardware, and while it is technically 8-bit music at the heart it is not to be confused with the terrible wave of hipsterfuck-elevator music which ended up finding it’s audience ten years later. This is the sound of a thirteen year-old’s nihilistic boredom.

Review by some bedroom dj Nov 19, 2009

I don’t know why it took me so long to track down a copy of this little red slab of 8-bit goodness, but better late than never. Dispyz is an alias of Stagediver who, apparently, did not get the memo that Midwest hardcore is dead. And thank fucking christ for that because this 7″ and the other one he released this year are exactly what hardcore is all about. That being, in my opinion, complete disregard for trends and an unbending passion for one’s art. DIY to the core, and I have massive respect for that.

Similar to the previous 7″, this one is full of darkish 8-bit melodies, bursts of staccato speedcore rhythms and cheeky sampling. What I really like about these tracks is that high BPM’s are not shied away from, but it’s not speed for the sake of speed either. There are even a couple of mid-song tempo changes that I can’t wait to incorporate into a mix.
The bottom line? This is everything you loved about 1998 dragged kicking and screaming into 2009. And if there was any doubt about it, look out for a future Stagediver 12″ on none other than the mighty Distort label.

Physical purchase includes white logo vinyl sticker (while supplies last), black skull logo vinyl sticker, two buttons (while supplies last) and Radiograffiti download card.

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