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Stocked: Commodore/MOS SID Chips

Commodore SID Chip

Now available: genuine Commodore SID chips of the 6581/8580 variety – pulled from original half-working Commodore computers. Buy or die.

Looking for a SID to drop into your new Sammich build? No idea what the hell that even means?

Check out the Radiograffiti Bandcamp profile if you are in the market to purchase some 100% genuine SID chips of both 6581/8580 varieties. Not in the market for a SID? Find someone who is!

These will be gone by the time you finish reading this, so act fast.

This never would have happened if you would have been a subscriber to the RG newsletter.

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  • anonymous March 18, 2014

    are these the real chips ?
    their are lots of fakes out there , mostly nonworking junk.


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