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Stagediver on local Milwaukee blog…

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First the Q&A and now the Shepherd Express interview. Thank you!

“I like musicians that challenge themselves, and that challenge the listener,” St. Clair says. “That’s something I always listen for: the challenge. To be honest, if I listened to a record I was going to put out and I thought to myself, ‘This is great, this is going to do really well and it will sell quite a bit and a lot of people will like this,’ I don’t think I’d be completely happy with that. That’s not to say the stuff I’m releasing is avant-garde and for elitists only, but there needs to be a challenge there.”

Also, in the event you missed it: here’s the previous Stagediver Q&A located at

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  • Cuntface February 17, 2011

    awesome! Keep it up!


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