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Stagediver In Milwaukee Radio Poll

88Nine - 2013 Listener Poll

No one is sure how this happened, but you know the drill. You have until the 22nd of November to make your Stagediver votes count for “Solo Artist of the Year” and “Bandcamp Release of the Year”. Not bad for having never been played on their station a single time.

November. It’s that awkward time of year when those uncarved pumpkins you purchased start rotting on the kitchen table, the annoying sounds of Christmas preemptively upstage an otherwise welcome Thanksgiving wind-down and the year’s “best of” lists bombard your social media profiles. Well, true to the spirit of November, the annoying sounds of Stagediver’s latest 7″ earned him an awkward *two* nominations on a listener poll for a radio station which has never once played anything from Radiograffiti. Nice work.

Thankfully you Chaunceys have options. MELT (Milwaukee-based electronic monthly institution) mainstays LORN, ALL TINY CREATURES, KID MILLIONS, and DEMIX all have nominations in this listener poll, so if you think Stagediver absolutely sucks 100% of the time, you have a choice. We’re not going to tell you *who* to vote for, but you have until the 22nd of November to make your voice heard. Hell, vote for teh lolz if you want. Remember that time Stagediver earned a finalist spot in 2011 for 88Nine’s “Best Disc We Missed” category? Funny wasn’t it? There’s no way in hell they knew what Imaginary Dystopian Future Wars was.

So what happens when someone wins the poll? No idea. Maybe the winner (finally) gets played on their radio station? Maybe the winner receives a statue? Maybe the winner gets name dropped during a Ryan Braun phone apology? There’s only one way to find out.

Do us a solid – go vote and help make our local music scene one bearded indie lumberjack (and/or bearded cowboy) fewer.

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