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Stagediver – 12″ ????????????

Stagediver - Distort 13 12

12″ Slab of brutal Amigacore released on ex Milwaukee music label. Flawed masterpiece. Not available in the Radiograffiti store.

Limited to 150 total, we have 50 of the one pictured here. 100 come in a plain white sleeve available elsewhere.

Radiograffiti mailinglist members have first crack at this and it should be gone by this time next week.

This is highly illegal. That is all.


  • Tom B November 8, 2010

    FUck yes! Getting my hands on this as soon as I get money in my bank account.

  • Fucking Chupa November 9, 2010

    Ooh, so this is the 12″ you were having issues with…

    Do motherfucking want. Haha, my birthday’s tomorrow, maybe I’ll have my sister order it for me. 😛

  • Brad A November 13, 2010

    Hey, just wondering if my order went through ok, since Paypal pulled some 5-day hold shit on my funds. I saw somewhere you mentioned you’re down to 5 copies, so I just wanted to make sure I get one!

    • Radiograffiti November 15, 2010

      It sure did! The 12″ is on it’s way and should be in your hands within 2-3 days. To everyone else: act fact, these may be gone by tomorrow.

  • Brad A November 19, 2010

    Thumbs up from me! Great record. Had it cranked up in the headphones late last night and it just sucked me right in. Nice progression on these tracks and some moments of really tense deepness that I don’t normally associate with speedcore.

    Be proud buddy, this is a masterpiece.

  • godinpants November 21, 2010

    Can’t wait for this to show up on my doorstep.
    Let’s hope I listen to it at the right speed this time.

  • ZeroCool November 27, 2010

    Waiting patiently and excitedly. Can’t wait to blast this.

  • C.A. Llewellyn November 30, 2010

    I have a new favorite record.


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