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Schrodinger’s Punk is Dead

Godinpants - Schrodinger's Punk Is Dead - Promo Shot

Excellent, four-track, lo-fi, basspunk E.P. from Godinpants. Yeah, it’s so good we just coined the word “basspunk.” Someone tell pitchfork.

So we’re a few days late on this, but Australian native Godinpants just unleashed a noisy little four-tracker titled “Schrodinger’s Punk is Dead” and holy shit does it deliver. This isn’t a Radiograffiti release (yet, hopefully) but we need to pass this along to those who may not follow certain folks in the ever-evolving world of lo-fi chip. Noisy, punk and all the gameboy sample channel craziness you’ll ever need right here available for download with a nice drone/sludge style track to wrap it up…don’t let that gameboy scare you off.

For the discriminating DJ: this is also available as a 7″ vinyl in a VERY limited edition of only fifty copies. If it isn’t gone by now, acquire yours by mailing him direct at god at chkdisbrk dot com

“Equipped with a bass guitar with the volume set to “fuck off” and a gameboy blaring a wall of noisy beats this release is a departure from godinpants previous material through demolition all preconceived ideas of what chipmusic should be.”

2011/2012 prediction: The anthemic lead track will find it’s way into any and all important hardcore DJ sets and drunken BBQ outings during the summer months. Check it out:


  • Godinpants March 13, 2011

    I fucking love you guys. I’ll ship you out a 7″ later this week.

  • abortifacient March 13, 2011

    <3. 7"s all round.

  • 10k March 13, 2011



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