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Stagediver – II

This release marks the long awaited follow up to Stagediver’s debut 7” on Radiograffiti and the end of our two-year hiatus. Four years in the making, this new two track vinyl features a similar proggy song structure found on his debut “I” (RGV-001), while taking undead “trailing-edge” technology to brand new heights.

Completely side-stepping the EDM movement altogether, this release is not party music for party people. Sonically it could be described as a lawsuit-worthy, wall of broken genres. Technically it could be described as a how-to in lo-fi music programming. No matter where you stand, there’s no denying II’s ambitious goal of carving a new niche in 2013. All genres are equally dissected/resented here. This is a new sound.

Programmed on an Amiga 600. Social isolation by way of obsolete technology.

Physical purchase includes large vinyl sticker of cover art and Radiograffiti download card.

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