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CCDM – 7″ Of Doom

Next in Radiograffiti’s release queue comes the debut 7″ release from Chicago-native CCDM, 7″ Of Doom.

Transplanted to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, only to return to his native Chicago, CCDM (Christopher Persson) creates an Experimental Breakcore world with a landscape illuminated by Intelligent Dance Music. Unconventional? Yes. But when a classically trained child musician begins to dabble in digital, there is typically no other way.

As far as the actual music? We’re skirting genres here, blowing past classification, even in 2010. Like noise? No you don’t. Which is fine, because this is musical. Like music? Too fucking bad, as this could be considered unlistenable to the untrained ear. Radiograffiti listeners will know this is Quality and the B-Side is (always) better. That’s all there is and all you need to know. This release also introduces the talent of Nova!Cain, Radiograffiti’s new resident artist/illustrator from Milwaukee.

Physical purchase includes two vinyl CCDM ‘slogan’ stickers and Radiograffiti download card.

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