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Stagediver – I

Review by some bedroom dj Aug 19, 2009

The Amiga lives on! After the jaw dropping Davros/ Unibomber 2×12″ from last year we now have this 7″ slab of aggression clawing its way up from the darkest forgotten depths of Milwaukee Wisconsin to remind us how it was. Before you had computers with 18 terabytes of ram, ready made sample packs and wanky ideas in place of emotion, there were people using whatever tools they had available to get out whatever it was they had in their system. It wasn’t always pretty and it was seldom polished, but you could damn well feel it.

These are the kind of things this record makes me think about. My hat goes off to Stagediver for stepping up and putting out a record that really needed to be put out. There seems to be a resurgence going on here in the Midwest and it’s good to know there are people who will carry on the legacy and keep it honest.

Physical purchase includes large vinyl sticker of cover art and Radiograffiti download card.

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