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RG Youtube Account = No More

Youtube - Anti

Better start your downloading now!

Because of the ridiculous user policies put in place by Google and the uncertainty (pretty fucking certain, actually) surrounding their relation to NSA privacy decimation, it seems now would be a good time to slowly migrate the few worthwhile videos on the Radiograffiti Youtube channel over to a different service. Vimeo seems like a winner until it’s decided to erase that channel too (again).

Some videos will not be returning, so let it be known if there’s something you wanted to see stick around. Yeah, all three of you.

Privacy, of course, is not a guarantee no matter where you are online. However, Vimeo doesn’t force you to sign up for a fourth-rate Facebook, which is nothing but a fourth-rate Friendster. (R.I.P.)

At the very least the switch might force new “worthwhile” content so we can all waste more time. More info soon.

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