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Music news is scarce, but that doesn’t mean we’re not active. Here’s a little update.

As you may have noticed, activity on this site can screech to a grinding halt when music news is hard to come by. Sometimes it’s life derailing a daily routine. Other times it’s your roster ignoring requests for updates. Either way, if this deafening silence is driving your tinnitus to uncharted heights you may want to head over to where a few current and upcoming Radiograffiti artists & associates are presently active.

Taken from their FAQ:

“Starting on Monday Dec 30th 2014 00:00:00 GMT (12am), Weeklybeats Members will be allowed to upload 1 song per each week of the year. At the end of the week the upload counter on the home page will restart and all submissions from the previous week will become available for listening and downloading. Members are encouraged to create a new unreleased song for each given week (of course you may submit your song elsewhere as you hold all rights to your content, but it spoils the fun if you release it before hand!) The objective of Weeklybeats is to encourage musicians to be productive, creative, and have fun!”

So which of us are active? You’ll have to visit Weekly Beats and find out for yourself. Hint: some of us are under various fake names. Discuss below. Or not and let us pay server fees for nothing.

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