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Radiograffiti is back online…

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Well that was one hell of a power nap. Here’s what you can expect in the near future.

Jumping right into the fire – here are a few things to look out for over the next few weeks.

– Radiograffiti messageboard (Amiga discussion and otherwise)
– Complete artist/releases/projects/tutorials section with full informational resources
– Radiograffiti remix upload/download hangout
– New Stagediver vinyl 7″
– New Nullsleep/Starpause vinyl 7″ split
– New CCDM vinyl 12″
– Various bonus additions to existing releases
– Live events, streamed and otherwise
– Hardware
– MC-505 tutorial (maybe)
– New Radiograffiti Bandcamp profile with improved storefront

…among many other exciting things which have been ironed out over the last few years.

Click around and leave some feedback below.

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