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First Look: PT-1210 Amiga MOD Software

Amiga PT-1210MK1

Straight from the collaborative efforts of h0ffman and Akira comes the PT-1210 MK1 Amiga Protracker Module Turntable Player. Huh?

It looks like the new MOD remix/playback software for your overpriced Amiga computer is almost complete. A year plus in the making, this new software allows you to play back desired four-channel MOD files with full BPM/Pitch/loop functionality. The caveat? Us Octamed users will not be able to import .MED or Octamed four-channel .MOD files. It looks like we’ll have to continue faking it at live shows. **Edit** It looks like Octamed files might work now. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to fake your live sets.

Here’s a new demo of PT-1210 in action, via Kikencorp’s YouTube channel:

The release date is set for the Revision demoparty in March 2014 and a playable demo will be available at Datastorm 2014, 14-16 February 2014, Gotheborg, Sweden. It’s a good time to be a protracker enthusiast. Now if only someone can whip up an Arexx script for Octamed SoundStudio.

More info:

Akira Twitter profile:
Hoffman Twitter profile:
Unstable Label Website:

**edit** Why bother reading here when you can now get the full breakdown at Create Digital Music?


  • aKIRA December 19, 2013

    Correction: OctaMED-made MODs might work now. We fixed some shit. Send me one over and I’ll test it! I tested ADR Design’s MODs made with OctaMED and they run, but there are issues when converting to MOD (OctaMED’s fault :P)

  • admin December 19, 2013

    Sweet! I’ll update the post and send something your way. Octamed still beats protracker. 😉


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