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Power Up – Chiptune Benefit Event

Playpower Chicago - Show Flier

Be sure to check this out if you are in the Chicago area on the 10th of September! That game design workshop sounds incredible. More info about Playpower in a future post. In the meantime, just visit the site and read.

Fakebook link –

3.00pm-6.00pm – 8bit game design workshop ($25)
7.30pm – Doors open (Tickets $10)
8.00pm-8.30pm – 8bit open mic
8.30pm – Audio/Visual performances

Environmental Sound Collapse

Visuals by:
Jon Satrom
No Carrier

A FUNdraiser 4 educational 8-bit games

SEPT 10, 2011 at the Nightingale Theater, Chicago IL
chiptunes, programming workshop, sharing of works & wares

★ It’s hard to believe, but 8-bit home computers are still being sold. Millions of low-income kids in developing countries are enjoying systems that cost less than $10 and plug into a TV.

★ PLAYPOWER wants to help kids by creating new 8-bit learning games. We’ve teamed up with awesome 8-bit artists, musicians and hackers to create an easier development toolkit and game design workshops. So far, we’ve accomplished a lot, designing, developing and field-testing games to teach typing, fun science facts, and malaria prevention–we’ve even got a prototype for teaching a bit of BASIC programming.

We need your help to raise the funds to reach our goal.

We’ve got a plan to reach one million children.. and it might just work. Here goes:

1. Order 10,000 custom cartridges (loaded with our games) from the pirate 8-bit game manufacturers in China

2. Resell the cartridges to wholesalers we’ve found in India, where they will end up in the market, reaching at least 10,000 kids…

3. Then, *if our games are good enough*, we sit back and let the manufacturers start pirating our games. Bing! One million points. I mean kids 🙂

The equation is simple, even if it takes a bit of unpacking:
PLAYPOWER = new 8-bit learning games * ($10 computer + millions of children)

PLAYPOWER is a non-profit organization that supports the creation and distribution of affordable, effective, fun learning games; using an existing $10 TV-computer as a platform for learning games in the developing world.

The Playpower Foundation supports the sustainable development, distribution and evaluation of effective educational games and other media, particularly for underserved children around the world.

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