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NPR Mentions Milwaukee Rave Scene…

John Connor - Atari ATM Hack

Working title: “How The Internet Transformed The American Rave Scene” (or How To Jack Kinko’s In The Nineties)

So this was a nice surprise: NPR’s music division not only does a story that has little (nothing) to do with the new, Indie darlings of Portland (whoever that may be as of 7.11.11), but they went so far as to dig up some juicy info on how cyberpunks did shit before you were born. Really awesome stuff here. One could even call it “inspirational.” Richie Hawtin talks about his early-nineties username and Matt Massive talks Milwaukee brute-force zine creation.

“To prepare for the robbery, the Pukers “watched Goodfellas for almost 24 hours straight,” says Massive. “They didn’t get any sleep. They just kept watching Goodfellas over and over and over again to get themselves psyched up for this heist.”

With Massive acting as decoy by making copies — “I was the face, the one the Kinko’s people were on a first-name basis [with]” — the Pukers went upstairs, where the computers were kept, with bolt cutters: “Rather than trying to unscrew the monitor, they just popped the wires, put the [hard drives] under their trench coats, walked out the door to a waiting car, put the computers in the trunk, and drove off.” The monitors were left in place. Massive stayed put until the police were called: “I wasn’t going to sit around and feed the police a story.”

And yes, Massive is still around:

Now go buy a shirt and act like you were there.

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