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Melt #6 @ Club Garibaldi’s

MELT #6 - Show Flier

Ty Stagediver will be previewing some of the new 12″ and Blip Fest liveset. The highlight will certainly be the hardware set from Milwaukee electronic veteran Curtis Chip. Simply put, if you miss this you have no right to complain.

Demix announces another solid lineup for the latest entry in the Melt series. #6 will certainly thaw a few minds. Check out this lineup:

Originally started by Franz Buchholtz as a solo project in 1998, Signaldrift released several records on various labels before being joined by John Goelzer in 2005. Being not only from the same city but practically the same age and sharing many common influences, the two fell into an easy collaboration through a rigorous gigging schedule during which they started and refined the tracks that comprise “Two Agents,” their debut album as a duo.

CURTIS CHIP (live hardware set) /
Curtis Chip is a co-founder of Zod, and Because Curtis Chip has been playing drums since he was very young, this zod artist has a very musical way of thinking about rhythm. The dense poly-rythms and syncopation (coupled with a gift for sound design) that he incorporates into his songs are what separates him from other artists in electronic music. His finely crafted and highly original tracks range from frantic drum and bass with sweeping melodies and urgent synth lines, to dark, distorted sound-scapes, sculpted from pure sound, all with the signature syncopation he is known for. For his percussion sounds, he often samples his own drumming, and later chops it up and re-edits it into a densely woven web of rhythm. He is also a member of All Tiny Creatures.

Using no more than an obsolete $6 computer from a one-armed pawn shop owner, an archaic sequencing program and 100 years of music history to pull from, Stagediver creates by dismantling. He’ll take any genre and rebuild it as his own. The result is on the spectrum between a lo-fi deconstruction and a how-to in breaking speed-barriers via programming. Stagediver runs local electronic label Radiograffiti and will be performing at this years Blip Festival in New York.

BUAU is the Dubstep based project of BOOST who performed some BOOST material along with his other material as SML8 in a battle with The Demix at MELT #2…. did you follow all that? Point is, this guy is a very talented electronic musician who obviously has no limits to what he’ll play. Once again on this night, his music will be filtered through the FX and Sampling of The Demix making for an unpredictable sonic throw down of Dub, DnB, Bass and Noise.

For those paying attention, it has been said the Curtis Chip ‘Eating Paste’ 12″ was playing in the background when dispyz decided to “fix” his broken hard drive. As you may know, this moment birthed the Stagediver project.

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  • Clayton L. April 6, 2011

    More torrents of Stagediver livesets, please!


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