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MELT #10 @ Club Garibaldi, Milwaukee

MELT #10 - Show Flier

It’s hard to believe we’re on MELT #10 already. Generally a music series like this doesn’t last for more than a few months here in town, but here we are! It would be cliche to say “we’re just getting started,” but fuck it…we’re just getting started.

SPEAKERDUST |​kerdust-1
Milwaukee audio gangsters. Members include but are not limited to: David J. White – Guitar, Alexei J. Easton – Electronics, John C. Gleisner – Drums, Scott Johnson – Drums, Jason Nanna- Electronics, Ross Oldenber – Guitar & Electronics. Imagine Tangerine Dream, Merzbow, and Storm & Stress having dinner together. . . Speakerdust will be debuting a new visual element to their live show.

One-woman synth band from Milwaukee, WI. Instrumentation: Roland Jupiter 6, TR-606, Synare Sensor, APS mini-rhythm 3201, Korg Rhythm 55, Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal, voice of Dania Luck. Stacian is currently tourning the West Coast in support of her 7″ vinyl release on Moniker Records.

CHANTS |​tssound
Solo Electronic/Bass/Left-Field​ Beats on computers and drums from Madison, WI. Debut album “Onlooker” out now on Layered Music!

You can hear Erik Tuesday Nights Midnight-3am on 91.7 WMSE or

Eclectic dj set with some digital AND vinyl prior to the ‘dust….​ges/Speakerdust/1693475064​29791​ges/Chants/129338900442853​ges/STACIAN/11918902477232​7​ikvoid​edemixlives

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