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Great News Octamed Soundstudio Users…

Destroy - Octamed Arexx - Promo Image

Who knew we’d still see DIY updates in 2011? Now if only we could get an open source release of Octamed…

We are certainly late in posting this, but a recent utility update from systmcrsh served as a firm reminder to get with it. Now is a pretty good time to be an Amiga user.

Systmcrsh unveiled a few Arexx utilities a while back enabling quick edits, sample chopping and a frontend for some of the sub-par effects built into Octamed. While a utility named “destroy!” isn’t included with the package. Bug him about this here and here.

Download them here.

A full RG review/how to/breakdown/tutorial will be coming soon.


  • HEX July 24, 2011

    im upgrading to sound studio this summer!
    im also learning AREXX 🙂

  • Cuntface July 26, 2011

    Still teasing me with these……..Gotta get a better copy of soundstudio

  • Radiograffiti July 27, 2011

    Well let’s fucking do this, dudes!

  • egr July 27, 2011

    Oh wait, these are only for Octamed soundstudio? Not regular old Octamed?


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