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FMF: 10k free men and their families

10k - MKE OR BRK - Cover Image

This week’s (late) FMF entry keeps our proverbial erection going for Australia’s lo-fi chip scene. If you don’t know, now you know. Or something.

So this is old news to the two of you who care about lo-fi, chip-based punk music, but to everyone else: welcome. The last train left over a year ago. Is this making any sense? Probably not. We couldn’t think of a decent intro that would do Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families justice.
Here’s what you should know:

– He screams over Game Boys like an asshole
– He’s a funny motherfucker
– He is playing Blip fest (along with Stagediver)
– He has two E.P.s available for free, which combined are shorter than most of our 7″s


Here’s a little blurb about the album. We think it’s an official blurb (it’s in QUOTES) but we’re not positive, considering the official site is too pvnk for that. Well guess what 10k? We’re more pvnk than you, we took the questionably official blurb from somebody else’s blog.

“Sydney, Australia’s Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (aka 10k aka 10kfreemen) has just released his debut physical EP. MKE OR BRK (pronounced “Make or Break”) is a collection of low-bit, low-brow, low-cost chipunk songs that are both fast paced and full of fury. MKE OR BRK is a huge departure for the one man, 8bit band. He leaves behind the various instrumental demos, netlabel EPs and collaborations that have floated around the World Wide Web and pushes himself further into a niche of a niche by capturing the raw energy that erupts from his vocally driven shows. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing a 10k performance, it is nothing more than one man, one mic, one Nintendo Game Boy and the time of your life. With solid production and mastering assisted by Chris Mylrea – also known as cTrix in the chipmusic world – MKE OR BRK is as close as you will get without being on the floor with 10k at a show.”

Another E.P.

We couldn’t find a blurb about this E.P. We’re going to assume this means that it’s not as good as he used to be when he released the first one a few weeks before this.

These are also available in a very limited physical format either directly through his site, or through

We can talk all we want about how awesome this cat is, but in order to get the full 10k experience (and it’s definitely an experience) you’ll have to check him out in action, via some poorly encoded moving pictures on the information superhighway. Check them out, brah:

A personal favorite:

Actually, just check out his YouTube channel and watch all of his videos:


  • 10k April 7, 2011

    Thanks so much dudes! Really looking forward to having my anus destroyed by Stagediver at Blip.

  • godinpants April 7, 2011

    I think it’s awesome that in Sydney there is so much love for Sydney chip on this site, and in Sydney all the guys are crazy over RG.

    That said, 10k is probably the greatest chip-dude and general rad-dude ever.

    With 10k headed to blip this year, you guys are going to have to complete the “cultural exchange” by sending stagediver to Australia.


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