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First chipmusic ever put to vinyl?

Heaven 17 - Flexi Design

Youtube states 1983, discogs says 1986. Regardless, it’s a fascinating listen and anything ‘League’ related is a-ok in our book.

Ever wonder what Heaven 17 sounds like on a c64? Apparently the guys did a flexi for Commodore User Magazine back in 1983 (or is it 1986?) to showcase a program called “The Advanced Music System” by Rainbird Software. Check out Key to the World, Crushed by the Wheels of Industry and Temptation below.

Discogs entry

It is still unclear to us what issue this was featured in, and we did not see this in the timeline over at chipflip, so comments are very encouraged.

As for the software, it seems relatively unknown, despite it’s MIDI capability, visual waveform editor and live keyboard playback – similar to something like cynthcart. Perhaps a software review is in order.

– Grab the .d64 image here

You’re welcome.


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