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“Dispyz – Tag ‘Em All”

Dispyz - Tag Em All / Treble Death System

It should be noted that the tunes are new and includes video/images. Good shit *and* it’s free!

From TDS:

LIVE FROM HOLLYWOOD: CIRCLE JERK GALORE! erm, wait! I mean Dispyz galore! Ahem, recorded back in September, we revisit a night of lulz, hangovers, the strange people of Hollywood, that crappy salon turned to night club/bar, and a night of a few regrets and disappointment all thx to the FUCKING MANAGER! Thanks go out to 8bitweapon & Computeher, lovely people. Extra special thanks goes out to none other than Starpause himself, clothed I may add, who was kind enough to record the Dispyz set! This Mezcal is for you, man! Bottoms up! Anyway, onto the circle jerk, I mean show!

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