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Datarunner E.P. Now Available!

Dispyz - Datarunner 7

Vic 20s mashed with Run DMC?
Metal breakdowns by way of squarewaves?
Gangsta rap chopped over screaming rave synths?
Yeah, this shit is real. It’s been a good 15 years dispyz. R.I.P.

Radiograffiti presents:

Dispyz – “Datarunner E.P.”

Radiograffiti release page:

A. Datarunner
B. 4.1.4.

Next in Radiograffiti’s release queue comes the very uncompromising final output from Tyler St Clair’s Dispyz project, the “Datarunner E.P.”

This release has something of a storied history, not because it pays homage to the early 80’s Milwaukee hacker crew the 414’s (, but because of the incredible amount of adversity we had to face to make this release possible. Fucked-up tests, strikes by nickle miners in Canada, plating costs being raised by 300%, labels melting on the pressing machines, release parties being cancelled…you name it.

Some call it persistence, we call it stupidity. We stuck with it and it’s finally here, for better or worse.

Was it worth it? Well, if you think the world needed a limited, translucent green, lo-fi, Amigacore vinyl dedicated to the golden age of computer hacking like we did then yes, it was certainly worth the migraines and monetary loss.

Here’s what’s included:

– Translucent green 7″
– Black skull logo sticker (while supplies last)
– Large tracker logo sticker (also used for upcoming t-shirt design, more info on this soon.)
– Two dispyz buttons (while supplies last)
– Download credit for your preferred file format of the Datarunner E.P. via the dispyz Bandcamp profile

The bandcamp download also includes a bonus .torrent file containing the .mod version of Datarunner (featured in the homebrew Amiga Tracker Hero game), the 7″/Octamed Soundstudio version of Datarunner, and a few extra samples of synths, breaks and dialogue to pass along for use on the Amiga line of computers. For those who are interested, one of the sample folders contains all samples from “We Came To Overtake”. Go nuts.


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