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Amiga 600 - 1996

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Starting our humble roots as a cassette imprint during mid-1990s, Radiograffiti has evolved into a full-on record label focusing on DIY vinyl releases, most of which are now available in more than 15 countries, spanning six continents.

Radiograffiti was founded around 1995, and still continues to be managed in Milwaukee by Tyler St Clair. While the original goal was to “spray paint the radio’s airwaves,” the idea has been rendered obsolete by the perceived obsolescence of mainstream radio itself. Sticking to the original mantra of “low-tech/high-standard,” we provide quality releases for the discriminating music listener. With the exception of a few new faces and the widespread use of the Internet, not much has changed – although the stage is a lot larger than it was years ago.

Our first releases were small-run affairs, distributed almost entirely within the boundaries of Wisconsin. The “amigacore” tapes would wind up at parties or gatherings and would trade hands, usually meeting an early demise. We spray painted and taped over thrift store cassettes, they weren’t going to last.

The early-to-mid 2000′s saw something of a reboot for Radiograffiti, as technology became a little more affordable and advances in unconventional music became a reality. A new site was secured, a few people began to contribute their talents behind the scenes and a few new musical artists were picked up. The wheels have again begun to turn.

For 2017, Radiograffiti is producing and distributing interesting music on interesting formats for interesting people. We have several exciting new releases waiting in the queue and many, many more years of good, loud music to come.

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