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Stagediver – IV // Now Available

Stagediver - IV

New Milwaukee electronic music! Part four of a four-part series – Stagediver IV once again takes undead, “trailing-edge” technology to brand new heights. The A-side skirts through an industrial landscape where air sirens transform into deep melodies, while the B-side absolutely slams through a dark march of lo-fi speedcore.

Stagediver /// IV (#RGV-008)
7″ vinyl – Limited to 200 copies – $10

1. Hard Hour 06:14
2. Death Test 05:06
3. Hard Hour (Bonus Beats) 05:34
4. Death Test (Bonus Beats) 03:30

Physical purchase includes: 7″ vinyl featuring Hard Hour/Death Test, large sticker of cover design, download card and text file with link to Octamed Soundstudio source files for use on the Amiga line of computers + audio remix stems for use in your DAW of choice. Hand-screened artwork/hand-assembled/hand-numbered.


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  • hardwarecore September 21, 2015

    Hey, congratulations on actually finishing your Quadrilogy! 🙂 I’ve been greedily eating these up as you’ve been putting them out and I have to say, these 7″s have gotten progressively better with III and IV being my favorites.

    Not to get all mushy and shit but It’s inspiring to me to see someone take on a project like this and actually finish it despite the relatively small scene we have here in 2015. And not only that, but to do it with style.

    Much respect, Ty! I am very much looking forward to all the projects mentioned in the promo sheet that came with my last order.


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