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Nullsleep • Live @ LWLVL 2014

Nullsleep - Cirklon

Recorded live at VILLAIN in Brooklyn, NY • August 23, 2014.

Disclaimer: All of this info was pulled from here. Whatever. It’s the perfect soundtrack for staring at your recent Guitar Center purchase while wondering when everything around you went horribly wrong. Definitely worth a second share. Why are you buying from Guitar Center anyway?

For those asking about the Shadowtravel tour footage: keep dreaming. This is about as close as you’re going to get.

“Visuals by Sara Ludy. CamoFlash deployment courtesy of Adam Harvey.

Modular hardware by The Harvestman, MakeNoise, ALM Busy Circuits, Modcan, Intellijel, Noise Engineering. Additional hardware included DMG-01 (arduinoboy + MGB) and Yamaha SU-10. Sequenced with Sequentix Cirklon.”

Buy the Nullsleep/Starpause “Shadowtravel” split 7″ here.

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