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July 2013

Dispyz – Party’s Over

Dispyz - Party's Over - Cover Image

Dispyz is back from the grave, but don’t get any funny ideas. It’s only long enough to declare the party over.

Some of you old folks are familiar with the material presented here. Most of you probably couldn’t care any less. Regardless of your position, it’s an interesting history lesson in chipmusic’s fringe sounds. If the Raverblood 7″ represented the beginning of the dispyz project, and the Datarunner 7″ represented the end, this material (along with last year’s Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock re-release) would be the glue which holds it all together. This is not a complete songography by any means…look hard enough and you’ll find a wealth of material floating around in various dark corners of the internet.

For the hardcore: you are covered if you expect to hear Ty’s trademark ‘Amigacore’ style (Taking The City By Storm), although things are a little more interesting when he explores the roads less traveled – backward, opera-laden hip-hop (Untitled #2), noisy DMG experiments circa ’99-’00 (Interlude #2 (DMG 2000), tape manipulations (Bonus Beats #3) and wait for it…MIDI Amigacore piano ballads (For Melissa). Yeah, you have to hear it to believe it. Hell, he even threw in what might be the first chipbreak song ever recorded for good measure (Amiga Vs Gameboy). Everything is nicely represented here.

Considering most of the original, distributed cassettes were long-gone by the mid-to-late 90’s, it seemed to make a little sense to dig up some of the old tunes and capitalize on the recent Stagediver Blip announcement. Rumor has it there will also be an absolute, final dispyz show during Blip week, although this hasn’t been confirmed (or denied).

At any rate, act like you know what xik knew all along when he named-dropped dispyz in his bio for Blip ’06.

Hexadeci – Alone in the Dark E.P.

Hexadeci - Alone In The Dark - Cover Image

Finally, a record we here at Radiograffiti think you will actually like – the 7″ debut release from UK native Hexadeci, “The Alone In The Dark E.P.”

Hexadeci (and, maybe you) has waited far longer than acceptable for this release. We’ve felt the wait, too. With an original release scheduled for summer 2010, the album is ready for presentation as a D.I.Y. kit that corners the aesthetics of Xerox-punk & high-art boutique.

In September 2010 (after a three-month round of pulling out our collective hair), Radiograffiti held an online poll to let you choose the artwork for “The Alone in the Dark E.P.” The two staggeringly different options included an impressive sci-fi/horror scene from full-time animator Hexadeci and a fucking rush-job from Radiograffiti’s resident artist Nova!Cain, drawn while his kid was at the babysitter for the afternoon. Poll results swung between the center labels from one artist and cover sleeve from the other, but in the end the Hexideci art won out.

Then everything went wrong all over again. Cue the sad trombones. We decided to scrap the poll, piss off Hexadeci and make everyone wait a few more weeks. We blew money we didn’t have on ideas that didn’t work – like rigging a spray gun to a spare tire for airbrushed artwork. Hardcore.

Eventually, Ty Stagediver managed to find the time to teach himself how to hand-screen envelopes in his livingroom (which is his bedroom) to complete the suite of artwork for “The Alone in the Dark E.P.” D.I.Y. kit. It’s a departure from the usual way we present our 7″ releases, and it marks the debut of non-American talent on Radiograffiti. The kit includes all of the items needed to complete one full 7″ but you decide what it will be (’cause we can’t even decide what we want to eat). Will it be Hexadeci’s version? Will it be Nova!Cain’s version? Will you order three copies, make one of each, leave one sealed and hang them all on the wall with the rest of your Radiograffiti records? Like that bitch with the green mullet in the early 90’s once said, “The power is yours!” Or something.

This music is some of the best Amigacore in the past 10 years – skirting between party music for the post-apocalyptic crowd and a nightmarish take on otherwise light-hearted themes. What’s most remarkable about these tunes isn’t necessarily Hexadeci’s programming expertise (he’s totally awesome), or the creative use of seemingly random samples (Shakira? A Swiss yodeler?). No, it’s how he manages to effectively tear down dance music to shape his own tastes *AND* create tunes that are actually MUSICAL, instead of slipping into the same tired traps of hardcore posturing.

It’s a fun record and we promise you’ll get some seriously confused looks when you drop a Swiss Yodelcore track at your next house party. Try it. Film it. Send us the video.

It’s exciting, it’s loud, it’s flawed, it’s idea-driven and it’s how we like it. We know you will too.

Physical purchase includes Hexadeci vinyl logo sticker, info card, two covers featuring artwork by both Hexadeci and Nova!Cain/TSC, two sets of center-labels featuring artwork by both Hexadeci and Nova!Cain/TSC, plastic sleeve and Radiograffiti download card inside a sealed/hand-screened 7″ envelope.

Dispyz – Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock

Dispyz - Dangerous Techno Punk Pop Rock - Promo Shot

Reissue of the limited 2003 CDr of the same name. Also included: salvaged pieces of the lost 2004 follow-up, ‘Paranoid Turbo Robot Punk’. Enjoy.

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